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6 amazing uses of organic coco coir in the garden you should know

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6 amazing uses of organic coco coir in the garden you should know

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Organic coco coir offers a wide range of advantages. It is a versatile material that can be used in many fields. Nowadays, coco coir is gaining popularity in being a beneficial growing medium. Many gardeners view it as a “greener” alternative to peat moss. For this reason, the use of coco coir in the garden has increased significantly in recent years.  In this article, Tropicoco Vietnam has made a list of 6 amazing coco coir applications in gardening. If you are curious about them, make sure to read this post until the end

What you need to know about organic coco coir

Coconut coir, also known as coco coir or coir fiber, is a natural material found between the shell and the outer coat of a coconut. The fibrous quality of organic coco coir makes it useful for manufacturing products such as ropes, fishing nets, mattresses, and doormats. Coconut coir can also be turned into an effective and environment-friendly growing medium for your garden. Therefore, growing plants with coco coir has become a popular practice among gardeners across the world. 

The uses of organic coco coir in the garden

There is no doubt that organic coconut coir has become essential for growing plants. Over the years, people have come up with tons of creative ways to use it in the garden. Here are the top 6 best modern uses of coco coir in gardening nowadays: 

Coco peat

Coco peat supports the growth of your plants’ rootsCoco coir peat is a soft, spongy soilless growing medium. Plant lovers usually add it into their soil or potting mix to increase moisture retention, drainage, and aeration. In Southeast Asia, gardeners treat and use it just like how they do with peat moss, perlite, or vermiculite. One major benefit of coco peat is that it supports strong root growth. That is why more and more gardeners decide to use it to start seeds and grow plants hydroponically.

Coco coir starter discs

Nowadays, coco peat can be packed into discs to be used as a seed starting medium. These organic coco coir discs can retain moisture, drain well, and provide excellent air circulation. Due to these qualities, they support healthy root growth for your plants. Furthermore, the product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor seeds starting. When your seedlings are ready, place the discs directly into the ground and watch your plants grow bigger every day. 

Coco coir mulch chips 

Organic coco coir mulch chips look similar to cubed husks. Gardeners mostly use them in the garden to increase moisture retention and slow down weed growth. Because the products appear in chip form, many people consider them aesthetically pleasing. As a result, their unique appearance has made them quite popular among gardeners throughout the world.

Organic coco coir biodegradable pots

Coir biodegradable pots are recommended for plants startingOrganic coco coir biodegradable pots are made of coir fibers pressed into flower pot shapes. They are useful for starting plants as they retain water well, provide proper drainage, and allow good air circulation. Once your plants are ready for transplanting, you can put them directly into the ground. Coco coir biodegradable pots are also a good alternative to ceramic containers. Because of their excellent water retention, they are super handy during hot summer months.

Organic coco coir plant liners

Organic coco coir planter liners have a fibrous, woven texture. The product comes in an assortment of shapes and sizes to fit different types of containers. Based on your needs, you can purchase coir plant liners in sheets, by the roll, or pre-shaped. The product is also famous for its ideal pH level for planting. For this reason, not only can it give your plants baskets a natural look, but it also benefits the growth of your garden. 

Organic coco coir climbing poles

Coir poles are also known as growing poles or plant climber sticks. Manufacturers fabricate them by wrapping coir fiber sheets around PVC pipes and wooden poles. These organic coco coir poles are ideal for creepers and vines as they support root development throughout the surface. Also, due to their porous nature, climbing plants can benefit from the extra moisture absorbed by the fiber wrapping. 


As you can see, organic coco coir plays an important role in growing healthy plants for your garden. It is an awesome medium that happens to be eco-friendly at the same time. For this reason, choosing coconut coir is a great way to protect our environment in the long run. 

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