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23 Aug
At the first step, we must rehydrate coco
Should we buffer coco coir before using? How to prepare and buffer it?
Category: Coco coir blog
When you prepare and buffer coco coir, you ensure that your plants are growing in the best growing media. This article is introducing you to the process of preparing and buffering ...
21 Aug
Coco coir brick is a high-tech agricultural product used for planting
What is coco coir brick? How to use coir brick for planting and gardening?
Category: Coco coir blog
What is coco coir brick? What are the uses and ingredients of this product? These are some questions that many people have difficulties in answering? If you want to find your answe...
21 Aug
Each of those 2 media has a different number of drawbacks as well as advantages
What is coco peat? Should you use coco peat or peat moss for your soil?
Category: Coco coir blog
Both peat moss and coco peat are excellent media for soil. People derive them from natural plant origin to help retain water in soil. Each of them contain a great deal of nutrients...
16 Aug
Coco coir is just a leftover byproduct of the coconut
What is coco coir? Everything about coco coir you need to know
Category: Coco coir blog
When mentioning coconut, you may think that only the coco juice and meat can be used, while the husk or coir is just waste. However, the fact that the coco coir is becoming a more ...
16 Jul
coco coir forecast market 1
Global growth forecast for coco coir products
Category: Coco coir blog
Coco Coir Market is assessed to have a potential strong growth since 2019. According to the statitics, evaluation and analysis from (Allied Market Research), “The coco coir market ...