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What is coco coir brick? How to use coir brick for planting and gardening?

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What is coco coir brick? How to use coir brick for planting and gardening?

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What is coco coir brick? What are the uses and ingredients of this product? These are some questions that many people have difficulties in answering? If you want to find your answers to those questions, please spend 5 minutes reading this article below shared by Tropicoco Vietnam

What is coco coir brick?

Coco coir brick is a high-tech agricultural product used for plantingCoco peat is made from the layer of pith which surrounds the coconut husk coconut. Recently, coco peat has been widely used for planting because of its eco-friendly elements.

The coconut peat then has been grounded and squashed into some solid blocks called bricks. Coco coir brick is a high-tech agricultural product used for planting. This product consists of 100% organic, including 80% coco coir peat and 20% organic micronutrients. Coir brick is incredibly good for plant germination.

People manufacture coir bricks because they are easier to package, store, commercialize and transport. The process for optimizing this growing media is extensive. You will need to rehabilitate the coir bricks before making use.

The ingredients of coco coir brick

The main ingredient of coir brick is the coco peat. First, coco peat is going to be treated to clean germs. Then it combines with high-class, nutritional and microbiological organic fertilizer. Coco coir brick is an excellent growing media for seeds and seedlings growth. Because it ensures seeds retain enough water, moisture and nutrient level to necessarily fulfill germination and outstanding growth.

It is generated by 100% organic, including 80% coco peat and 20% organic micronutrients. Besides, even the outer shell of brick can be easily decomposed in the soil and pierced by the roots because it is also a thin organic coating.

Benefits of coir brick


First, coco brick is incredibly effective in creating a nursery and encouraging most types of seeds to germinate very quickly, at a high rate up to 95%. It helps create roots, as well as heal many wounds of grafts very quickly. The seedlings nursed with coir brick will have a healthy root system and good prevention to pests or diseases.


It is very easy to nurse seedlings even for the beginners. Because the brick has available nutrients and other natural conditions that are necessary for the growth of plants.

Coco coir brick is a great solution  

The brick is a perfect solution for seedling nursery because its package is very compact with a biologically-decomposed shell. It can completely replace the traditional nylon nursery which is very harmful to the environment. Furthermore, it is incredibly convenient and optimal in transport, so you are not afraid of weakening the life of  seedlings.


With coco coir brick, you can significantly reduce the cost of the nursery’s packaging process. Therefore, it can improve economic efficiency remarkably.


At Tropicoco Vietnam, you can buy coco coir bricks and other coir products with a stable and high quality. Besides, there are many preferential policies from us to help you feel secure and happy in farming.


Coir brick is very safe for not only users but also for the environmentLast, coir brick is very safe for not only users but also for the environment. Because the manufacturers always treat the main ingredient – the coco peat meticulously. Besides, the high-class probiotic and organic nutrients from brick will help farmers create an ideal and safe environment for growing plants.

How to use the coir brick?

Rehydrate the coco coir brick

As a solid block, the coco coir brick must be hydrated to become the soft and fluffy mixture. You can simply drop the brick into a bowl of water and soak it overnight. If you add your brick too much water, you have to let it dry. Because the extreme damp can do harm to your plant, especially drowning the roots.

Use in hydroponic growing

Coco coir brick is a great choice to use if you are a newbie and do not want to spend a huge amount of money on a hydroponic system. Because coir brick is a very effective medium for water retention, which can absorb 10 times as much as its weight in water.

Use in organic gardening

Coir brick is good at using in organic gardeningCoir brick is an excellent product to use for container gardening. However, it will be great if you add some additional media, such as vermicompost and perlite. Because if coir retains too much water, it can damage or even drown the plant roots. Adding some additional media will help you control the slight level of damp in your mixture. Besides, vermicompost makes use of various worms to decompose food waste. It creates a material rich in nutrients which is perfect for plant growth.

Use coco coir brick for composting

After being rehydrated, coco coir brick becomes a great medium for vermicomposting. It can maintain moisture and nutrients while loosening the environment for the worms. You can add some worms to the coir brick to burrow deep into the bedding. Besides, we can add and cover some organic food waste, such as coffee grounds and eggshells by additional coir.


The article above has introduced you to some information about coco coir brick. It is a very eco-friendly nursery that can replace the harmful nylon one. Moreover, it has many advantages over the other nurseries, such as efficient, convenient and economical. Therefore, you should choose it for your soil. If you want to buy a high-quality coir brick, as well as other products from coir, please contact Tropicoco Vietnam.

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